For over 20 years, we have worked closely with our clients to create a variety of industry-specific benchmarking forums. Carlisle conferences, focus days and mini-benchmarking studies provide clients with invaluable, competitive industry insights. Behind every Benchmarking project and event is the most current and comprehensive dataset available, allowing OEMs to see exactly how they perform relative to industry peers.

While benchmarking is facilitated by Carlisle, it is really owned by the member OEMs. Each member company designates a Steering Committee Member and a Data Gatherer to work closely with the Carlisle staff to design and execute the benchmarking activities.  

Benchmarking conferences typically include an industry update presentation, facility tours, a metrics presentation, panel discussions, roundtables, and opportunities for informal discussion and networking. Our conference activities shed light on the stories behind the numbers, including game changing initiatives taken by OEMs.  

In addition, Benchmarking participants receive a comprehensive Data Book containing performance benchmark comparisons, based on a set of data definitions that is standardized globally. This unique resource allows participating OEMs to precisely track their year-to-year performance against one another on a wide range of relevant metrics. We meticulously inspect data that we receive, and work closely with participating OEMs, to ensure that all figures are suited for side-by-side comparisons.  

Focus days are typically one day meetings that offer a deep dive into a single topic. These meetings are attended by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from each participating OEM. Prior to the meeting each SME completes pre-work data collection that is then compiled and analyzed by Carlisle staff. The findings are incorporated into a presentation for SMEs to discuss with one another in an open forum at the Focus Day. 

Mini-benchmarks take place at the request of an OEM who would like to learn more about a particular subject. Questionnaires are distributed and results are analyzed by Carlisle staff. The results of the mini-benchmark are shared in a final report with the participating OEMs at no cost to them. 

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