Benchmarking Conferences

North America Parts Benchmark - NAPB

The annual North America Parts Benchmark conference began in 1993 as a forum for participating OEMs to examine warehouse data, establish metrics to measure their performance, and share best practices with one another. Today the NAPB boasts well over 20 member companies, 250 participants, and covers more than 15 topics in just two and a half days. 


North America Service Benchmark - NASB

Since its 2008 inception, the North America Service Benchmark has provided member OEMs high quality data and leading practice information to improve service operations among their dealers. Best practices shared at the NASB drive quality service to vehicle owners and ultimately create customer retention. 


Europe Parts Benchmark - EPB

The Europe Parts Benchmark is patterned after its North American counterpart, the NAPB, and has been an annual event since 2002. Like the NAPB, the EPB provides a forum for standardized benchmarking of European service-parts industry participants. These conferences attract over 15 OEMs and 150 participants. 


East Asia Parts Benchmark - EAPB

Recognizing that aftersales opportunities in East Asia continue to grow as demand for motor vehicles increases, Carlisle launched the EAPB conference in 2011.  At the EAPB clients share and discuss key data, insights and best practices for the core markets in scope, and provide a strong baseline for ongoing benchmarking events in East Asia. The conference provides a unique opportunity for industry counterparts to meet and discuss trends and innovations. 


South America Parts Benchmark - SAPB

The South America Parts Benchmark began in 2005 with a conference and has continued with performance comparisons accompanied by a supply chain metrics webinar. The Benchmark enables participating companies to compare their performance against industry peers, using a proven standardized approach, and to better understand their own strengths and weaknesses. 


North America Finished Vehicle Logistics Benchmark - FVLB

2014 will be the inaugural year for the North America Finished Vehicle Logistics Benchmark (FVLB). The scope of this new Benchmark encompasses the flow of finished vehicles from the production line to the dealer. The objective is to provide performance comparisons across participating OEMs to help them identify best practices and manage their networks more effectively.

North America Contact Center Benchmark – NACCB

Carlisle benchmarks OEM contact centers twice per year – one for customer-facing contact centers, and a second for dealer-facing contact centers. These conferences help OEMs efficiently staff their contact centers and drive customers and dealers to the most productive contact channels. In addition, the events cover the most important contact center metric – measurement of customer and dealer satisfaction. .