Carlisle consulting services are based on proven best practices and results achieved through our years of experience helping global motor vehicle companies reach a range of performance objectives That deep experience, coupled with our proprietary knowledge of the industry, allows us to offer unparalleled insights to clients. In our core business as industry consultants, we help improve the performance of every stakeholder – from suppliers to OEMs, to authorized repair shops and dealers. We couple our extensive understanding of the motor vehicle industry with a mastery of strategic thinking to bring maximum value to each project.

Carlisle's primary consulting focus is in parts and service. Our knowledge and skills in this area are so unmatched, that we often find ourselves developing the next industry leading practice. We seek projects that drive high value to the organization and develop practical yet innovative solutions to industry challenges.

Our Benchmarking and Research Portfolios provide us with unique insight and exclusive knowledge of industry-wide needs and leading practices. Our consulting team utilizes this knowledge to improve our customers’ performance. Carlisle consulting covers all major factors that impact motor vehicle companies, including:

•    Network planning
•    Inventory management
•    Revenue management
•    Customer segmentation and retention
•    Sales and marketing program development
•    Business strategy
•    Organizational structure
•    Supply chain processes
•    IT requirements

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