Data Analytics

Our industry and our society is generating information at an accelerating rate. Much of this information has utility beyond the purpose for which it was originally generated. Data Analytics seeks to unlock the hidden value of this data by combining old-fashioned logic with modern-day algorithms. It’s like finding $100 bills instead of loose change under the floor mats.

What Are Some Examples

Evaluating Dealership Profitability

This analysis involves applying techniques like gradient-boosted trees and Bayesian networks on detailed dealer performance data to identify the root causes of dealer profitability.

Customer Defection

This concept centers around predicting which customers are unlikely to return to a dealership for service. The system uses predictive analytics to recommend custom measures to retain each at-risk customer.

Telematics Forecasting

This application relies on large volumes of vehicle sensor data and repair order history to predict vehicle failure and prescribe preventative maintenance procedures.