Carlisle conducts syndicated, client-specific dealership  and end-customer surveys to assess topics such as customer attitudes, satisfaction, purchase loyalty, and price perceptions and sensitivities. Carlisle currently conducts our surveys in over 40 countries, covering over 25 languages. 

Key benefits of our surveys include:

Client Orientation 
Our clients have the final say on all survey content. Clients receive detailed cross-industry reporting of results and all raw data and respondent comments. We also provide our clients the option of receiving all the data necessary to do their own incremental analyses.

We do not share the results of surveys with the public. The surveys are not a beauty contest or an opportunity to generate press releases. All results, including the name of participating companies, are protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement and are considered exclusively confidential.

Actionable Information
Working closely with our clients during the design stage, we create surveys that offer an unsurpassed level of detail, relevance and richness of content. The result is data, reports, and recommendations that drive action towards internal improvement.

Syndication and Customization
Our surveys offer an unrivaled cross-industry perspective through syndication, as well as tailored information that participants acquire by adding customized questions to explore areas of specific interest. Due to the syndicated and confidential nature of our surveys, scores are shared among participating OEMs with attribution. This allows participants to understand who is best in class on an item-by-item basis, as well as to gauge and understand performance gaps that exist.

Statistical Relevance
Carlisle has developed a best-in-class process to generate extraordinarily high response rates. Most of our syndicated surveys average at or above 50% industry response rates, with many participating OEMs achieving 90%+ response rates.

To learn more about our surveys, including how to join, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .